Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Future House: Master Bedroom

Straight from the "Future House" folder... Master bedroom inspirations! As concluded from the following photos, necessities include; a big fluffy and welcoming bed, fancy mood lighting, painted furniture that looks like it belongs in a doll house, big mirrors, fresh flowers, and an eclectic collection of vintage knick-knacks.
Also needed? Shabby chic dressers and vanities. Every girls needs a luxurious place to apply her makeup, brush and pin her hair, and admire her jewelry - don't you agree? These vanities look heavenly.
A master bedroom should be incredibly welcoming and warm. At least that's my opinion. When I wake up, I want to see comforting things that are connected to good memories. If you wake up to something lovely, won't you feel lovely first thing in the morning? I think so.

1 comment:

Florence Carole said...

I think the bedroom in the first photo represents moi style. The five chandeliers and the nude paintings add the feel of being in south of France during the Renaissance era.

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