Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Washington Street Barn

What is the name of this place and what's the history behind it? I'm usually a sleuth when it comes to researching places and buildings, but this barn has me stumped!
These 2 beautiful wooden-slated barns stand side by side down a long dirt lane outside of Snow Hill, Maryland's town center. It was kind of falling apart, the floors were caved in, and the roofing was dangling from the rafters. The rusty finials and weathervanes on the roof were so eyecatching.
These barns were located off of Washington Street and really close to the Old Snow Hill train station. The train station is no longer in use but would have been several decades ago. I'm thinking that these barns may have been related to the historic rail system some time ago. The Snow Hill branch of the railroad system was going to become part of the Conrail train system, but the plan fell through in 1976. The Snow Hill train line was purchased by the Snow Hill Shippers Association in 1982.
(The faded pink heart is over the barn property, right next to the rail trail.)
The fields around the barns were filled with wild flowers and weeds. Made for neat pictures.
Snow Hill, Maryland is pretty historic town located on the Pocomoke River. This huge (and perfectly restored) house sat right along the river.
If you know anything about the Snow Hill rail way or this fun barn property, fill me in, please!

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